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The Fish Decoys Net Carver's Spotlight is for Fish Decoy Carvers that are leaving a mark on the world of fish decoys.

Each month a carver will be selected that has or is enhancing the fish decoy world. Each January (starting in January 2009) a Fish Decoys Net Carver of the Year will be selected from the previous period of Carvers of the Month.

If you know of someone deserving this award

email me

Let me know why they deserve being recognized.

Click on the MONTH to view more about the spotlighted carver. The carver may have their own website and that is located on the right, so anywhere in the block is ORANGE/GOLD - This is a clickable link.

Click to View the 2008 - Fish Carver's of the Month

2009 Fish Decoy Carvers of the Month


January - Thayne Johnson - Minneapolis, Minnesota

                                             C.M. Wiggle Bait Co.


February - Aage Bjerring - Long Island, New York


March - Jay McEvers - Vergas, Minnesota

                                      Jays Decoys


April - Harley Ragan - Chassel, Michigan


May - Tim Spreck - Stillwater, Minnesota

                                     Fish Decoy Site


June - Mike Holmes - Iron Mountain Michigan



This website makes no personal gain from this website and no profit or gain from this website for the Carver's Spotlight section (Carver of the Month". This website recognizes a different carver and their activities for a period of 1 month at which time a new carver is selected. Carvers are selected from all states in the U.S.A. or Canada for the Spotlight. These are the best of the best. The Champions, not only champions in contest, but champions in expanding the knowledge of the art of the fish decoy carving. To be selected for this Spotlight does not require any participation of the carver and does not cost the carver that is selected. We do ask the carvers that are selected to help provide this website with information about themselves so we can better spotlight them.

Any questions should be directed to me.            email me

The Carver's Spotlight is the creation of Larry Christy - alias Fishcritter - 109 W. Maryland St. Zeigler, IL 62999. I am the sole responsible person for the content of this website.


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