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Every time Dean Steffen carves a decoy - it should win a contest. I know it wins in the hearts and minds of many collectors and other carvers. Dean goes from the serious with high level of accuracy in detail to the whimsical fish that has a egg beater for stomach guts. It appears that Dean puts his heart and soul in each and every decoy or plaque or lure or painting or or or, well you get the picture.

Dean (left) and Brother Jim (Right) Steffen

Dean's attention to detail brings forth a carving that collectors pay top dollar for to keep for years and display them in the collector's prime location. When a visitor comes around - collectors always seem to show off their wonderful additions from Dean.

Dean now works full time at his creations. Dean also somehow finds time as he is an avid fisherman. The time fishing is beyond me because of the time that it takes to create one of his masterpieces.

Dean states that if anyone is not satisfied with work that you receive from him - simply mail it back for a full refund. Now that is the way it should be with everyone and everything.

His carvings continues to win at competition he enters but Dean also gives back to the Fish Decoy community by providing some of his work to NFDA and other shows to help them cover the cost of the shows.

Just a note that he did win Best of Show in the minnow series in 2006 at the Perham Show.

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You can contact Dean at:

Steffen Decoys & Carvings

%Dean Steffen

86 Tower View Drive

Hillsboro, MO 63050

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Dean Steffen

Enjoy the view of Dean Steffen's Decoys and click on the pictures to see a larger view. When finished looking at the larger view - close the new window to return to this page.

Fish Decoys

Dean Steffen Pike Fish Decoy

Dean Steffen Bass  Fish Decoy                Dean Steffen Walleye Fish Decoy

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Dean Steffen Mechanical Pike Fish Decoy               Dean Steffen Feeding Fish Decoy

Whimsical Decoys

Dean Steffen's Egg Beater Fish Decoy        Dean Steffen's BlueGill Painting Fish Decoy

A couple of Dean's Lures


Here is a Sunfish Plaque and a Bass Layout Carving

Dean Steffen Sunfish  Fish Decoy Plaque                 Dean Steffen Bass Fish Decoy Layout

A couple of Deans painting prints.


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Dean power carves most of his work as he states, "It's fast and saves time."  He likes to carve, but his fortay is painting and this is truly where he shines. Most of the creation time is painting. He uses a lot of reference pictures when he paints, but finds many differences in the colors, so he relies on first hand experience with the fish or frog. When finished, he applies a couple of clear coats of glaze to protect the properly weighted and swim tested fish decoys.


CLICK HERE To see a large grouping of his creations visit his ME page on eBay at the following link.


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