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Fish Decoy - Carving and Painting

A Pictorial Guide

Fish Decoy Carving & Painting - A Pictorial Guide was first published in 2006.  It was revised in 2007, for the 2nd printing, for the purpose of printing clarification and consolidation.

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Their book can be purchased at for $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping w/i USA or mail check or money order to:

Benziejo Decoys

P.O. Box 293

Benzonia, MI 49616

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This website makes no personal gains from the sale of this book. This website highlights a different quality carver/s and their activities for a period of 1 month at which time a new carver is selected. To us these are the best of the best. The Champions, not only champions in contest, but champions in expanding the knowledge of the art of the fish decoy carving.

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