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Fred & Jo Anne Campbell are four time world champion master carvers and well recognized in the fish decoy world as true artists. While Fred normally carves and Jo Anne does the painting now. Visit to view more of their fish decoys and other carvings. You can also view their Bios here at Fred & Jo Anne's bio.

Fred & Jo Anne just released their Southwest series of Rare Trout. Each decoy is 8 inches long representing the actual size of these rare trout. they are individually hand carved and hand painted. In the tradition of a fish decoy, they are weighted and balanced and have a brass line tie on the top. The decoys are carved from bass wood and the fins are metal.

It is no secret that Fred & Jo Anne are very special carvers to me. I started collecting their decoys a couple of years ago and fell in love with their specie grade decoys. I met them at the Perham show a while back and found them to be knowledgeable on fish decoy carvers and very personable.

They also did a book showing their secrets on how they carve and paint their decoys.

(Click here to see more about their book)


2007 Flyer on the Southwest Decoy Collection

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Each decoy is mounted on a cactus wood base

Cactus Wood Base

Decoy on Cactus Wood Base

Rare Trout of the SouthWest

Apache Trout Fish Decoy

Apache Trout

Gila Trout Fish Decoy

Gila Trout

Guzman Trout Fish Decoy

Guzman Trout

Mexican Golden Trout Fish Decoy

Mexican Golden

Nelson Trout Fish Decoy

Nelson Trout

Rio Mayo Fish Decoy

Rio May Trout


This website makes no personal gains from the sale of these items. This website highlights a different quality carver/s and their activities for a period of 1 month at which time a new carver is selected. To us these are the best of the best. The Champions, not only champions in contest, but champions in expanding the knowledge of the art of the fish decoy carving

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