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William Forrest Wallace


William Wallace is from Bruce Wisconsin.

William wrote and said " My carving work started out of boredom as a youngster and after enduring many cuts nicks and wood carvings that became something other than what they started out to be. I learned how to work with the wood grain to get what I was looking for. Some years down the line I came across a carvers shop I believe in Vicksburg MS and the way he had his shop set up and the carvings that just jumped out at you gave new light to what I could do with carving works. But I still didn't have a specialized type of work. Then in my early 20s I took a job as deck hand on a commercial fishing boat working one week on and one week off and the question of what to do with my week off came up. So you guessed it I carved and what else would I carve but the fish I just caught. Which would then be sold at the flea market in Key West FL. My carvings are made for hanging inside and use a shellac finish and decoys had a marine spar varnish for use out doors. Now with the upgrades in spar products I only use this for the finish on all carvings. Having found that I have collectors buying my works, I now try to engrave the item info on the back and or make a certificate with info and carving number to help with the identification and value of the carvings."

When asked what organization he belongs to, William's reply was " At this time I'm the lone carver but do have three (3) boys taking interest. What they imagine in life we can only guess at in that the Magic Is In The Eye of the Carver."

You can contact him at


718 Trails End Ave - Bruce Wisconsin 54819


Information and photos provided by William Wallace

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