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Dennis Bell


Dennis has been carving decoys and lures in Ontario for almost 60 years. He started carving lures for his own use then graduated to replicas of antique lures and decoys. Now he also has increased his crafting to include new and innovative designs.

Dennis started fishing when he was old enough to walk with his dad and grandpa down at the local river.

His Uncle George use to take Dennis and his brother up to Southhampton to fish on the Saugeen river off his boat using lures. Dennis was always loosing lures, and since he didn't have much money to buy replacements, he started carving his own just as soon as his parents allowed him to have a knife.

He has continued carving lures for the past 60 years. His carving has become more exotic and gaining in quality. Over the past 20 years he has been carving lures, but mainly ice fishing decoys which he has been selling at flea markets in Northern Ontario. Dennis has been carving most of his decoys and lures out of Cedar or Pine.

He has started crafting a line of saltwater lures which he carves from maple. These lures are mainly sold while down in Florida during the winter.

His creative art has been available only at various flea markets in Northern Ontario and occasionally in Florida.

Now works are being offered on line for collectors all over the world through his website

You can contact Dennis at

Dennis Bell

48 Kemp Cres.

Stratford, Ontario, Canada

eMail to:


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