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Shane Eales


Shane Eales hails from Brandon Manitoba Canada and was born in 1974. Shane wrote me with the following " I have always been into any type of fishing in general,fly fishing,icefishing ,river fishing. Since a very young age..I trapped for years on my familys trapline In Northern Alberta.And feel at home outdoors in tune with nature.

When i came across a older spearing decoy one day i researched it until no end..I was amazed by how beautiful they all are.This lead me to carving fish. I always could draw when i was young.But for some reason i liked fish the best. So i started paining wildlife scenes and sculpters of fish.I am self taut had a few course in ART and was top of my class cause i could draw already.I did enjoy the history aspect of my studies abstract art and the famous artist ect.I make both wooden lures and ice decoys by hand and brush.I try to make them the best as i can using old techniques and what ever i have to make them swim proper.I find making decoys very interesting and enjoyable to me and useful the winter months here are long and dark so lots of time to complete a many wooden fish.

I hope all spearing fishing tradtions never are lost and im here to promote and ensure it never does.I could not think of a winter without Icefishing or carving it is my life.I have made many decoys, Lots are sold and lots have been given to close friends that have spent many hours fishing with me on frozen lakes Across Canada.

The best thing i like about making ICE DECOYS wooden lures is you never can ever master the art no matter how hard you try..MEANING THIS ART FORM BE NEVER ENDING and ALIVE.

if you find a DECOY with S.E thats mine enjoy they will always swim properly."

You can email Shane at

Shane will soon (late 2008) be starting a busines called S.E. Lures & Decoys. I am sure we all wish him luck in his endeavor and look forward to seeing more of his work.

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