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LaCrosse River Spear Fishing Decoys

An area of different decoys

excerpt from Decoy Magazine, March/April 1995 issue Pages 36-38 - "LaCrosse river spear fishing decoys" by Donna Tonnelli.

"Probably no other school of spear fising decoys was more influenced by the fishing conditions than those prodeced for use on the Mississippi River near LaCrosse, Wisconsin.....

These decoy makers obviously shared ideas and techniques among themselves, forming a school of carving. Most of the decoys made in this area show several characteristics that made LaCrosse fish decoys unique from those used primarily in lake waters. The LaCrosse river fish decoys are small;---They ussally are painted with muted tones and with oil paints to create simple patterns...."  See the above listed article for the complete article.




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