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ABC decoys - George W. Bolton - Detroit, Michigan

Aero Lure - Virginia, Minnesota

          See Walden Aero Lure

           See Detroit Bait Company


Baker, Dick - Detroit or Algonac, Michigan 

Bar Lake Fishing Tackle Company - Area 3, Manistee,


Bear Creak Bait Co. - Ice King  - Area 2, Kaleva Michigan

Bell's Fishing Lures & Decoys -

                Dennis Bell, Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Benziejo Decoys Fred & JoAnne Campbell

Bethel Lawrence - Lake George, MN (Deceased 1930-2006)

Billings, Robert "Mad Dog" - Shishebogama Trail,

        Minocqua, Wisconsin (See Hewey, Dewey & Lewey)

Blackhawk Enterprises - Edgerton Wisconsin

Bob's Fly Tying Shop - Area 3, Ludington, Michigan

Bolton, George - Detroit, Michigan (ABC Decoy)

Bonafide Manufacturing Company - Plymouth, Michigan

Boone Bait Company, Inc. - Winter Park, Florida or   

                                                     "Don's Baits"

Brainerd Bait Co. -Brainerd, Minnesota

Brown's Fisheretto - Osakis, Minnesota

Bru-Ell Manufacturing Company - Watkins, MN  (See                                                                                Wakefield)

Brunelle, Richard - Founder Lakeland wholesale Bait Co

             Brainerd, Minnesota (See Lakeland Wholesale

             Bait Company or Fish Bust'r) - Brainerd,


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Carver Bill - Bill Roberts Decoys

Cast-A-Way Lures - Minnesota

Catfish George's - George Wingo - Effingham, Kansas

Cedar Decoys Plus - (See Lizard Lake Decoys) MN

Cekalla, Marv -  Little Falls, Minnesota (See Marv's Wood Products"

Champion Fish Decoy, The - Saginaw Bay, Michigan

Christenson, Tom - Mio, Michigan - Christenson Decoys

                                                                   & Lures

C. M. Wiggle Bait Company

Creek Chub Bait Company - Garrett, Indiana

C.C.B.CO. - Creek Chub Bait Company

Crouser, Dean - Old Oregon Lures - Gresham, Oregon

Cy's Fish Decoy Company - Willmar, MN

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Desiree Acres Fishworks - Camarillo, California

               (See Ron Lukins)

Detroit Bait Company - George W. Bolton (deceased)

        (ABC Ice Decoy) See ABC decoys

Detroit Sporting Goods - Area 6, Michigan

Dischler Decoys (See Franklin Discher)

Dischler, Franklin -Port Austin, Michigan Area 4 or

              Area 6       (See Franklin Dischler Decoys)

Don's Baits - Florida

Duey's Decoys - New York Mills, Minnesota

                              (see Johnston, E. Duane "Duey"

Dugar Brook Decoys (See Douglas Guy)

Duluth Fish Decoy - (SEE DAVID PERKINS)

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Edson's Fish Lures - Grayling, Michigan

Enterprise Manufacturing Co, The - Akron Ohio or   

              Pflueger  after Ernest F. Pflueger

Eppel, Jerry - Grand Daddy Baits from Loon Lake

                     Decoy Company Bloomington, Minnesota

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Fish Bust'r - Brainerd, Minnesota 

       Richard Brunelle - Founder

Fisheretto - Brown Brothers - Osakis, Minnesota

Fork Em Decoys - Minnesota

Franklin Dischler Decoys - Port Austin, Michigan


French Broad River Decoy Company -

                   Saluda, North Carolina

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.Goodrich Bait Co. - Northern Michigan - Dale Goodrich

Grand Daddy Baits from Loon Lake Decoy Company

                          Jerry Eppel - Bloomington, Minnesota

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Hansen, Soren - Michigan (Bar Lake Fishing Tackle Company)

Heddon Company- Dowagiac, Area 5,Michigan

Herters Decoy Company - Waseca, Minnesota

Hewey, Duey & Lewey Decoys - Wisconsin

High Sierra Woodcarvings - Citrus Heights, CA

Hills Creek Lake Decoy Company - North Central, PA

Hosney, Don - Washington, MI (See Hosney

                Woodcarvings) (Deceased - 1991)

Hosney Woodcarvings - Washington, Michigan

Hewey, Dewey & Lewey - (See Robert Billings, John

                                         Surgent and George Kustin)

Huslure - Robert Miller Lures - Wadena MN

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Ice Hole, The - Message Center

Ice House Lures - Crystal Lake, Illinois

Ice King - (See Bear Creak Bait Company) -


International Harverster - Minnesota

Isle Royal Bait Company - Area 1, Michigan

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Jenkins Company - Marshalltown, Iowa

Jennings Decoy Company - Saint Cloud, Minnesota

J.W. Casting Co. (See Jay Walz) - Ogema Minnesota

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K&E Tackle, Inc. (See Bear Creak Bait Company)

Kingfish - See Bar Lake Fishing Tackle Company

Kurtis Katch-All Lure - Detroit, Michigan

        Louis A. Kurtis - Inventor of the "Kurtis Katch-All" 

        Dead bait holder. (1905-1992)

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LAKCO Quality Tackle Co.- Isle Minnesota

Lakeland Wholesale Bait Company - Brainerd, MN.

                (See Brunelle, Richard - Founder)

Lake Superior Decoys - Deering Run, MN

Lizard Lake Decoys - Hackensack Area


Loon Lake Decoy Company - Grand Daddy

     baits -Jerry Eppel -Bloomington MN


Marbles - Gladstone, Michigan

Macatawa Bait Company - Holland Michigan

Mason Decoy Factory - Detroit Michigan (1896-1924)

McCormick's Decoys - Allegan, Michigan

Melosh Lures - Hudson, Florida       


Meyre Lures - Includes Michael Harold & Harold Henry

                            Eyre - London, Ontario Canada

Miller Lures, Robert - Wadena Minnesota

                                 (See Also HUSLURE)

Minnetonka Brothers - Tonka Baits - Schipper          

               Manufacturing (See Schipper Manufacturing)

Moonlight Bait Company / Paw Paw Bait Company  -   

                                                  Paw Paw, MI

Muskit Baits & Lures - New York

Musky Classic Lure COmpany - Webster, Wisconsin

    (See Jack Swedberg)

Musky Manor, The - Fair Haven, Area 6, New Baltimore,

                            Michigan- Mr. Schultz and Gordon Sears

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Naticook Lures - Merrimack, New Hampshire

                                (See Michael Sutton)

North Dakota Decoys - (See Whittier, Rick)

Northern Pump Company, The- Minneapolis, MN

                                                    (See Slecta)

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"Ole" 3-Way Fish Factory -Gaylord, Minnesota -
(see Titloe Heights Bait Company)

Old Oregon Lures - (See Dean Crouser)

Oscar Quam Company - New London or Minneapolis,


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Paw Paw Bait Co. (See Moonlight Bait Co.) Area 5,


Perkins, David E. (DFD) - Duluth, Minnesota

Peterson, Everette T. - Manistee, Michigan
(Bar Lake Fishing Tackle Company)

Peterson, Ernest A. "Ernie" - McMillan, Michigan (1935-  )

PFLUEGER Bait Company - (See Enterprise                      

                                           Manufacturing Company)

Plates, Benjamin -St. Paul Minnesota  (See Plattes Decoys)

Plattes Decoys - ST. Paul Minnesota (ebay ID chompy88)

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Randall Decoy Company - Willmar, MN

Reigstad Decoys - Duluth, Minnesota

Reigstad, Oliver - (See Reigstad Decoys)

Rhodes, Jay B. - (See Shakespeare) - Kalamazoo,


R.I.C. Woods - Winnebago, Wisconsin

                   (See Richard Rates)

Ripley's Decoys - Alexandria, Minnesota

-                        (See Horace E. "Slim" Ripley)

Ripley, Horace E. 'Slim' - Alexandria, Minnesota

                       (See Ripley's Decoys)

Rod Decoys - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

             (See Rodney Podd)

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Sawyer - (Factory Decoys)

Schipper, Darel - Wayzata, Minnesota

                      (See Schipper Manuf. )

Schipper Manufacturing  (I.A) (See Tonka Decoy) -

                                                Wayzata, Minnesota

Sleeper Ice Fishing Decoys - Michigan (Jim Sleeper

Sleeper, Jim - Michigan

Sletten Manufacturing Company - Willmar, Minnesota

                                 (See Willmar Sletten)

Sletten, K. - Willmar, MN 

                       (See Sletten Manufacturing Company)

Soules -South Bend Bait Company, The -South Bend


South Bend Bait Company - South Bend, Indiana

Steffen, Dean - Hillsboro, Missouri

Stewart , Elman G. "Bud" - Flint , Michigan (1912- 1998)

Bud Stewart Tackle Company (Also See Stewart, Elman

                                                           G. "Bud")

Sugent, John - Wisconsin (See Hewey, Dewey & Lewey)

         Now lives in the Chicgo Area

Suzor, Len - Pike Creek Decoys -

                        Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada

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Teeswater Fish Decoys - Canada (See Greg Hughes)

Titloe Heights Bait Company - Gaylord, Minnesota

                                    (See Ole's 3-Way Fish Decoys)

Tittman, Tom - Chilton, Wisconsin (See TNT Decoys)             

TNT Decoys - Chilton Wisconsin (See Tom Schwobe

                       & Tom Tittman

Tonka  Manufacturing Co - See Schipper Decoys -

                                                   Wayzata, Minnesota

Tru-Fish Decoys - Waukegan, Illinois

Two Rivers Decoy Company -

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Vibra-Coy - AKA Blackhawk Enterprises - Wisconsin


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Walden Aero Lure - Virginia, Minnesota

Walker Decoys, Jim - Bemidji MN

Walz, Jay (J.W. Casting Co.) - Ogema, Minnesota

Westra, Irwin - Brainerd, Minnesota

               (See Fish Bust'r for information)

Whitefish Open Decoys

Whittier, Rick & Connie- North Dakota



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"Ole" 3-Way Fish Factory

    (See Titloe Heights Bait Company - Gaylord,




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