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Fish Critter's Ramblings

Fish Critter's Ramblings

“We are so much more with others than we are by ourselves.”

an inspiration of words caused by Dick Walters

(President of GLFDCCA) Thanks Dick - With that inspiration

This will become the motto of the Fish Decoys Net and my life.

I received an email from a guy named Don
who wrote the following words.

"It must be the enjoyment of fishing."

Some of us just use words others live them -

I wrote back and said yes it is about fishing.

It is not about the catching unless your are hungry.

So I created this page for my children and anyone else that wants to take a few moments to read the ramblings of an old man.

Thanks Don for writing me.


It is about the fishing – not the fish

If it was about catching fish - then it should be called Catching - not Fishing.

Hmmm!!! - GO Figure


Again - Another boring thought

If it was about the fishing then we would be serious about the catching so we could eat, but with fishing, hunting, racing, fish or bird carving, ect... it is about those that we meet along the way.



The answer to life's questions is 42.


a 'Sense of Place'

by me - Larry Christy

on Father's Day 2011

my daughter sent me an e-mail that caused me to think so thank you Lorri - what a wonderful daughter you are.


If your answer is not 42 then read on and find your own answer or question that gives you right answer of your 42.


The Ending

Enjoy the Trip

For when the trip ends

The Journey begins

Enjoy the Journey

For when the Journey ends

A new trip begins

When the Trip and Journey is over

Its' over

Enjoy the Journey

Getting There is half the fun

Enjoy the both halves.

Enjoy the Trip

Enjoy the Journey

by Larry Christy, 2008

As William Shakespeare wrote in one of his plays about Henry IV

"Well That Ends Well"


My son reminds me that when I go on a family outing to a specific  place, that I should go directly there, enjoy it and then come diretcly home - I never seem to get there and if I do it is always late and that is because I stop along the way when a special moment comes along.

Each of us are right, but for much different reasons.

In jest, my son often uses a movie quote "well, my pappy once told me", I hope my son one day may learn that he taught me more that I could ever teach him. One day he will find the path that has help me get the down my long dusty trail. When he finds his path and I happen to still be around to gently acknowledge him with a knowing and loving smile.


I went to supervise my son's hanging of a

garage door today -

Kinda like a paint party

- he fed me -

I hung the garage door

he supervised.

Please bless my son with his dad's smarts.

Open your eyes, shut up and look around.
You will be amazed what you see.

My son called me today and ask me if I knew that horseflies had moustaches.  hmmm? That answer is definitely not 42.


42, 12 or 1094

it just does not matter

it is only about

how you got your answer


The secrets of life starts with but a single kiss.

The government come and taketh my few coins - they call it taxes - I call it P-Power - for one to get p-power one must tax and get more money - poor politicians who do not understand - power is given - not taketh.

Oh poor me.

Poor politician - what happen to you -

before I elected you - you were so smart

now I elected you - you become so dumb.

Maybe I become so dumb to.

What happen - did you forget your momma!

One of my favorite John F. Kennedys Statements

"I look forward to an America which commands respect throughout the world not only for its strength but for its civilization as well."

October 27, 1963

President John F. Kennedy

My thoughts about what President Kennedy said.

Only if we ,as a nation, could remember the past, then we could make a better future for ourselves as well as our children.

Got a boat today -

Looks good


Wonder will I get a chance to use it

Ooh, so busy

Got a boat today.

Larry Christy, 2007

Step out of Ordinary Time and Get Lost -

eNjOY getting Lost.


Isn't Color Fun


More ramblings will be put here when the fog clears and I learn more from my kids.

I do this because I want to do this – tomorrow

I may want to do this because_(Fill  in your own words)

and the following day,I may want to go fishing.


While writing to a new friend that makes some of the most wonderful handcrafted knives - Paul Neal of Cookeville Tennesse, I came to realized that I owe alot to those that allow me to converse with them at levels beyound the weather. So some of the thoughts that Paul caused me to rediscover about me.

  • Many changes should happen before it is fixed.
  • Listen to your friends and foes alike, because tomorrow your foe may be your friend and your friend may be your foe.
  • Humble does not sell you, it just makes you a better person, so it is ok to brag sometimes.
  • Selling is not bragging. Bragging is where you say too much about too little.
  • Polically correct and perceived politeness(fear) gets in the way of just being helpful. Speak with a fairminded tougue and help.


Friendship grows where friendship is welcomed

Thanks Paul for your new friendship

Today is the first day of the rest of my life - I will remember my friends everyday - for without friendship then the question is WHY!.

  • When it is my turn to die, then I want them to say but one thing.

    He knew alot about nothing, but he sure could put it together and it make it work.


My Life Goal

To make today a better place

for you and me and me an you.

If I take care of today, then yesterday and tomorrow will be great and all of our days will be a place we want our children to grow up in and live their lives. Hopefully they will take part of us with them on their journey.

Larry Christy, 2008

It is Just A Dog

My son taught me a lesson or at least let me remember a lesson that I had learn.

I believe that all information on this page is originally written by me unless I refer it to someone else or I just stoled it and you can to, but if I am wrong - so be it - pass it along and enjoy your family and friends and let a stranger in on it also. Copyrighted material can be used for personal use only not commercial. Pictures of me may not be used without my permission.



Why should I care so much about doing what I love to do or going somewhere I want to visit or just sitting there with a friend and sharing what we are! Somewhere I read “There’s only so much you can do, but if somebody doesn’t give you a chance there is nothing you can do.” It is a blessing to be able to do and share with others and to excite others by what we do. If you ask people what they’ve always wanted to do, most will say they have not done it. So when we share ourselves through what we do then we achieve what many do not. So I do just care and I love to share what I do.

Larry Christy



If you do not understand what I said, that is ok - sometimes others will never understand others.

Just think for yourself.

Just be a good person - it is worth it.


Please do not email me about my Ramblings-

instead sit down and talk to your kids, your wife, your friends, your friend.


Enjoy Today!



Freedom is not Free


Many have paid for it

Remember Them



(c) 2005-2010 Larry Christy

Zeigler, Illinois 62999