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Ross J. Willis III


Ross Willis III was born in 1950 and is from Boon Michigan. 

Photo courtesy of Mike Hale - Cadillac, Michigan

Ross told me how he got started in decoy carving. "I started out by joining a carving club in Lake City Michigan where I met Bill Roberts. Bill has been my mentor and close friend ever since. My decoys are all carved from northern white cedar and weighted to swim for use in the darkhouse. They are both airbrushed and hand painted then sealed with a water proof sealer. I sign and date all my decoys with my logo RW-III."

Ross is a charter member of the Michigan Darkhouse Association and a member of National Fish Decoys Association.

You can contact Ross:

Ross J. Willis III

716 S. Haskins

Boon, Michigan 49618




Photos courtesy of Ross Willis III

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