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Kenneth Dahl


I normally do not put artist here unless they are also carvers, but Kenneth Dahl's commitment to documenting the art of ice spear fishing through his art warrants being included on this website.

Kenneth Dahl - Artist

an excerpt from Kenneth Dahl's website at

Kenneth states that "Most art is all about the artist... how they feel, what they're going through, and their need to "express" themselves to their peers. I paint to enrich the lives of others with an attitude of giving and empowerment that can be felt and heard in the brushstrokes, colors, and intent. I strongly believe that art created with a higher purpose in mind can actually produce positive life results (indeed, even healing) for those who are attracted to the art."

Kenneth is currently working on another darkhouse spearing piece that will surpass these below and one to watch for in April or May 2007.

I will be watching for the decoy carver painting and from his description of what he will paint - this for me might just be the highlight of his ice spearing group of paintings.  Kenneth told me that he plans on doing five or six more ice spearing paintings in the next 2 years to be offered in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. I will be watching with great interest for each to be released.

He also offers his paintings in large and small prints so watch his website.

Darkhouse Spearing

by Kenneth Dahl

Two Examples of Kenneth's work -

more will be posted as they are completed.

(What Goes Around...)

These are Low Res Pictures

You can purchase these from his website

(Unexpected Guest)

(To Those Who Wait)

Click on the pictures to see a larger view and a trip to his website to see other pictures.

Kenneth is 51 years old and grew up in Hibbing Minnesota. He now lives in Puyallup Washington with his wife and family. His high school art teacher, Gene Bordwell is credited in pointing Kenneth in the art direction.

Kenneth states that "Having moved away from Minnesota gives me an edge on painting Minnesota subject mater because my home sickness for the beautiful outdoors there fuels my painting" Kenneth goes on and states "My goal with my Minnesota childhood memories work is to become Minnesota's #1 resource for art prints having to do with ice fishing and darkhouse spearing." and "within the next 3 to 4 years I plan on making several photo-study trips and complete 20 to 30 fine art prints just on ice fishing."




Snail Mail: Kenneth Dahl

916 4rd Ave N.W.

Puyallup, Washington

Phone: 253-677-7777

Other Paintings in transition - Coming Soon

"No Dark House Needed"

"When You're Least Expecting It "

"The Decoy Carver "

"Asleep in The Stand "

"Outsmarting The Hunters"

"Drifting of the Mind "


"Too Many Choices"


A fine-art provider offering quality originals

“For Homes and Offices that say More”.


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