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Jeremy Grove


Jeremy Grove is from St. Ignace, Michigan and was born in 1980. I asked Jeremy how he got started and his reply was "I got started carving decoys after seeing some of my uncles carvings (Paul Grove), but for the most part, Jeremy started carving decoys for fun between fishing trips. Jeremy believes that his carvings are somwhat unique adn carves fish that are overlooked by most cavers, like Gobys, Shiners, Freshwater Frum. His carvings are fishished with his signature and 4 to 6 coats of laquer. I am currently trying some more fictional decoys. For instance I'm doing a perch pattern right now with flames on it. I am also going to be learning some new tricks from my uncle." Jeremy considers himself to be new as a professional carver, but he is working on it.

Photos provided by Jeremy Grove



Jeremy Grove

W1158 Pte. La Barbe

St. Ignace, MI 49781

eBay ID: walleyhunter07



Information provided by Jeremy Grove 3/21/07


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