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William "W.J." "Bill" Dougherty


William Dougherty is from Burnham, PA. and was born in 1952. He is a self taught carver of wood. All of his decoys are signed and dated. His decoys are lifelike, hand carved and painted one at a time with glass eyes, metal fins and are lead belly weighted. He makes decoys from 4" to 18" of any species. His decoy carving is a hobby or as he puts it "it's a passion". He has been carving for over 15 years (since about 1993). He has used oil and acrylic paint for most of his life and is the maker of the Limited Edition Artwork Turkey Calls for over 25 years. Carving, Painting and Turkey calls, Hunting and Fishing has always been Bill's passion. Bill wrote to me and provided the new photos below for you enjoyment.

eBay ID is w.j.decoys

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Photos courtesy of Rob Kunzel 2007


Photos courtesy of W. J. Dougherty in 2008

updated information provided by W.J. Dougherty

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