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Robert 'Bob' Kurkewicz(1930-2009)

Carver, Artist

Bob Kurkewicz is from Manistee, Michigan.  He has been carving since 1945 and his carvings are represented in the New Jersey Audubon Society, interior decorator showrooms in San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago and New York. Twenty-four of his carvings are in museums throughout the world and he is the winner of over 200 awards and best of shows in wood carving competitions. Bob is also a woodcarving instructor and has been featured on television and has appeared in numerous publications. You can identify his decoys with the Branded "K" by the anal fin.


You can see more of Bob's work at and get more fishing info on him at


Bob also did a Fish Decoy Poster in circa 2000 that is available for purchase on his website. Click on the picture to go to that website location.

Permission granted by Bob Kurkewicz


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