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Morganucodon, a.k.a. "Morige"

by Tom Breen

Morgie lived 210 million years ago and was the world's first true mammal. So Morgie or the true name of this critter is Morganucodon. Morgie is a 4 inch shrew like mammal. This is no mere rodent, but the ancestor of today's more that 5000 species of mammals, including humans.

Photo extracted from Smithsonian (November 2003) Page 44

Now you ask what this has to do with Fish Decoys.

Tom Breen presented me with his rendition of what Morgie was like or would have been like if made as a Fish Decoy. Click on Tom's name to see more of Tom's wonderful work. Tom got his idea for Morgie from the Smithsonian issue.

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This decoy is about 8 inches long nose to tip of tail

and 2 inches tail. The body is about 6" long and

it is weighted in the belly. I have not test this decoy for swimming, but I believe that it would not swim well.

It is carved as one piece and has hat pin eyes with painted red mouth and signed by Tom under the head.

Tom not only does decoys, but signs, metal castings and is considered to be an outstanding OutSider artist. Click on Tom to see his other pictures and his bio.

Photos (c) Larry Christy


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