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Joe McCuaig


Joe McCuaig is a self-taught woodcarver and painter who lives off the beaten track in Copemish, Michigan.

He stands 6'8" and worked for a time as security at Rock Concerts.He worked as well on a variety of construction projects and would show up on weekends at flea markets with his family selling his walking sticks and carved fish plus other odds and ends.As his work became more popular he began carving larger animals and deep relief "Field and Stream Picture" Carvings.These deep reliefs and other carvings have a stark simplicity and are defined as much by what is left out as by what is included.He signs his work JM with a brand made out of a coat hanger.Joes work has been shown at the Judith Racht Outsider Show in Harbert,Michigan and has attended Shows in Atlanta,Chicago and Louisville,Ky......Joe also does paintings..He realized one day that his Reliefs were actually just more "detailed" paintings .

"Pike Spearing"

12" x 14"

Painted on Luan with acrylics.


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eBay ID is wooddog48



Information and Pictures courtesy of Joe McCuaig

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