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David Moliterno


David Moliterno is from Fowlerville, Michigan and was born in July 1973.

David replied to me when I ask him how he got started making decoys:

"I met Mike Holmes, of Iron Mountain, in 2000 and he introduced me to the art of fish carving and decoy making. Mike gave me one of his hand made knives, a block of cedar and a book. A couple years past and I began making decoys and carvings under the name BRD CO. (Black River Decoy Company) in 2006. Although I am using an airbrush, I will continue to hand paint features on each decoy. I use round ball end pins for the eyes set in a forsnered cavity. 2006 is my first year for carving and I continue to challenge myself with different species and design elements. One common element on my great swimmers is the chello-like fin design."

Photos and info courtesy of David Moliterno


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