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Forrest James Wicks


Forrest James Wick was born in Sept of 1932 in Elk Rapids, Michigan and now resides in Girmfask, Michigan. Forrest has been carving fish decoys of 40 plus years and he started sometime in early 1970s. He still carves and has a website where he offers his decoys. You can find his website at

You can email him at

Speared in 2004 a 38" - 15+ lbs

Northern Pike on South Manistique Lake

located near Curtis Michigan.

Forrest got started after spearing northern pikes on Lake St. Clair and like the wood decoys the local friends used.

Forrest uses a high speed grinder and hand tools to make his decoys and he only uses white cedar for his decoys. He carves the gill flaps, mouth, eyes and uses both glass brass tack eyes. His fins are mode from spinner blades.

His standard carver mark is JWF combined and the year underneath the decoys.

Another spearing friend at Lake St. Clair had many old decoys and I copied the ones that swam the best and he finds that the big muskys in South Manistique Lake like his medium sized (8" to 10") orange cisco decoys. Brighter the better.

You can contact Forrest at:

Forrest Wicks

W17927 Wolfe Road

Germfask, MI  49836



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