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Aage Bjerring


Aage Bjerring Bluegill


To Contact Aage Bjerring


219 N. Main St.

Southampton, NY 11968


A 1994 Muskie Bobber Float

with Oriential Motif

hand Painted on it.

Larry Christy's Collection

Fish Decoys Net - Carver's Spotlight

February 2009

Fish Decoys Net Carver Spotlight

Aage was selected as the February 2009 Fish Decoys Net's Carver of the Month for his decoys and life style in and around not only making great decoys with intricate design inside and out, but also he lives the life of a winter woodsman.

He has written a booklett on fish decoys. He continues to provide a wide girth of fish decoy experience.

Aage Bjerring is a Danish American residing in Long Island, New York.

Aage has a excellent carving and painting ability that brings pleasure for any collector.

To pronounce Aage say "ownit"

Telephone 631-235-7999


Aage Bjerring

Aage Bjerring


(Photos Courtesy of Aage Bjerring 3/06)


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