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Blackhawk Enterprises

The Blackhawk Enterprises, also known as Vibra-Coy was a combination fishing lure and fish decoy. The company started in 1951 and closed in 1952. Blackhawk decoys had a very limited production and are very desireable and hard to find decoys. Theo "Ted" Himmelwritght (1920- Present) of Edgerton Wisconsin ran the company and he gives credit for the decoy to George S. Bachay, a sportswriter for the Janesville Wisconsin newspaper, The Gazette.


The decoy was a hollow decoy with with ballast. They came in cardboard boxes with Blackhawk Fish Decoy on the top.

I received an email from the owner of the Blackhawk decoys below and he told me that these were in mint unused condition and they were with there original boxes, instructions and wrapping papers.  The owner & founder of the Blackhawk Enterprises and the owner of these decoys said he had talked to him today.

(2/25/06) (Name withheld at decoy owner's request)  

(See Larry Christy's Collection of Blackhawk)

See Commerical Fish Decoys book by Frank Baron

pages 57-58


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