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Tom Breen

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Iron Works


Tom Breen Iron WorksTom Breen Iron Works

Number 1 Doorstop

Tom Breen Iron Works

Number 1 of 1000 - Door Stop , 14 1/2" x 9 1/2" Weight is approx. 4 pounds from 1/8" steel and cut out with a plasma laser cutter. It is painted in the 1930s style of a Oscar Peterson's rainbow trout decoy by Pelee. It is signed on the back Tom Breen Greenville, NH and a self drfawing is No 1 of 1000 Pat applyed for

Tom Breen Iron Works

Number 2 Door Stop
In Larry Christy's Collection

Number 3 Door Stop


Tom Breen Door Stops - Iron WorksTom Breen Door Stops - Iron WorksTom Breen Door Stops - Iron Works

Tom Breen is a self taught folk artist and works in many different mediums and excels in all of his folk art areas. His items are highly sought after and the price of his items continue to escalate as more and more collectors are finding his work.

Here is some of his fish decoy related iron works.  Old Tom Breen made 28 original cast iron doorstops in the 1980s and many now sell in the $2000 - $3000 range. He signed them Indian Summer T Breen or his foundry, which he called Old County Foundry Jaffrey N.H.  He also made the Old Man of the Mountain Doorstop of which he only made 100 and he kept only one for himself. Tom is 68 years old (as of 2006) and has his studio in greenville, N.H. in the Old Nelson Funeral Home . He continues to work in woodcarvings, oil painting, found art objects, outsider art and is self taught listed artist.

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