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LLoyd Radi


LLoyd Radi was born in 1926 is from Crookston Minnesota. He has carved decoys since arount 1946

LLoyd's son wrote me the following and I leave it in his own words. Who better to tell a dad's story than the son.

"he started carving decoys in 1946....One day he was spearing and no one else was getting anything...He had 2 large northers hanging on a nail outside(to keep dogs from running of with them) and a guy knoked on his door and ask what he was geting them with....My dad showed him and the guy wanted to buy it,and offered $5.00 for it(1946 $5.00 was a hards day work) dad said he had to get 1 more and then he had to see if his buddy that drove there with had the guy wated and my dad got the 3rd one...and they guy gave him a ride to where my dad freind was fishing.....His freind didn\'t have any so the went back to where my dad was fishing ...his friend went in and spered a 7lb one right away and threw it outside and then in less than a minute he threw another one out (8 pounds)......and 10 minuts later got his 3rd....

My dad then sold the red and white decoy cut out of an old hockey stick...and the first guys freind showed up and asked if they had any more so they sold the one that my dads freind was using for $5.00....

My dad said they were comming back the next week and ask if they needed any more and they said after work they made 23 more and sold them all for $5.00 each also."


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You can contact his son (who is also a carver at:

Daniel Radi

Radi's Sports

 510 hwy 75 S.

 Crookston MN 56716

Info provided by Dan Radi of Radi's Sports


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