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The Faue Brothers

William and Otto


The Faue brothers were born in Minneapolis and both settled in the Hanover area. Otto was born in 1881 and he lived off the land and was a bachelor. He died on April 15, 1954. Otto's brother William Faue was bone on January 2, 1878 and worked at the Hanover Milling Company and did carpentry work.  Unlike Otto, William did marry and had a nice home with a workshop where he produced jigging sticks, fish decoys, bobbers, axe handles, canes and wooden toys. He would make about 100 decoys per year

Reference: Decoy Magazine Issue May/June 1988 Pages 36-39 in the article titled "The Faue brothers" by Donna Tonelli

Another reference to the Faue brothers is:

Sports Afield article titled "The Lucky Stick" by Gerald S. Beskin (May, 1951)

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