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Gary Hull
Baudette, Minnesota

2005 NFDA World Champion

Member NFDA

 December 2008's Fish Decoys Net Carver of the Month

Fish Decoys Net - Carver's Spotlight

December 2008

Fish Decoys Net Carver Spotlight

Gary not only carves some of the most beautiful collectors decoys, but he makes some great workers.

As the 2008 President for the National Fish Decoy Association.

Gary has always give so much more back to the fish decoy arena in support to the NFDA and to other fish carvers, both old and new.

Fish Decoys Net takes our hat off to Gary for all that he does.

Gary lives near Baudette, MN on the Lake of the Woods. His pastime and life is hunting, fishing and trapping as well as carving and carving fish decoys has brought a lot of attention to Gary as he walked away with 1st places one after the other at the annual banquet of the NFDA World Championships in 2006 in Perham MN, The Gathering.  I was privilege to sit a the table next to Gary as he continued to trot up to the front and then to get his picture taken time after time for each class. Gary's Striated Darter entry impressed me so much that I asked him to make me one very similar to the one he made for the competitions. (See Below).

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Striated Darter

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Gary, while working for North Star Electric Cooper--arative in Baudette, MN and in 2003 had a article in the company's customer's newsletter.

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Gary was the runner up in the 2004 NFDA competition and he place first overall in the competitions in 2005.  He won the 2006 NFDA competitions and seeing the quality of his decoys one would understand why he wins.


After visiting Perham Minnesota at The Gathering 2006 and seeing Gary's work, I ask Gary to make a decoy for me like the Striated Darter that he won first place with at The Gathering 2006.

Click Here to see the Darter results on the National Fish Decoy Association for Class 5A- Darter

As I sat at the Gathering's dinner across from Gary and Kath, Gary wore his self out getting up and accepting awards for his carvings. Gary also on that night was awarded the NFDA World Championship Points for 2005 - 2006.

I spent quite a bit of time just staring at his Darter on display at the show and knew that I had to have a decoy by Gary.

After a few months, I emailed Gary and ask him if he could make one for me and he said yes and a few weeks later here is what I received.


To see other decoys by Gary Hull visit the following Link at National Fish Decoys Association Website (NFDA)

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a duo by Gary Hull & Dean Steffen


You can contact Gary at

Gary sez "Orders are Welcome"

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More info on Gary from the NFDA's website

Gary is a member of the National Fish Decoy Association

Photos courtesy of Mike Homes eBay id upfishdecoys


Contact Gary at:

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