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Gary L. Miller

Collector, Historian, Author and Carver

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July 2008

Fish Decoys Net

Carver of the Month

Before I tell you about Gary, let me personally say to all the other fish carvers, collectors and users that Gary has help Fish Decoys Net by providing a massive amount of time and effort in making Fish Decoys net the most accurate and informative information possible.

His in-depth research through-out this site has made my task to much easier in getting you great information about Fish Decoys and the carvers.

If I were a First Grade Teacher, then Gary would get 5 Gold Stars everyday for his contribution not only to this research site, but to the others that he has touched.

5 Gold Stars5 Gold Stars5 Gold Stars5 Gold Stars5 Gold Stars

My Thanks to Gary many times over.

Fishcritter (Larry Christy)

Gary L. Miller was born in 1943 and hails from Williamsburg Michigan and has been a major collector of decoys for the past 30 plus years. He is mentioned in the back of the American Fish Decoys book by Steve Michaan as a contributor. He appears to be a expert on Oscar Peterson Decoys and Lures and he has been researching Michigan fish decoys for over 30 years with the idea to publish a definitive book on Michigan fish decoys.


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Gary Miller is a author and has published many articles about lures and decoys over the years.

Gary also has some articles published in the NFLCC Magazine in Dec. 2004 & Dec. 2005

Click Here to see a couple of calendars by Gary. He did a calendar of Peterson Fish Decoys in 2003, 2004 & 2005.

Articles written by Gary Miller - a preview to a new book coming on fish decoys carvers.

An Introduction to Vintage Michigan Fish Decoys

A Survey of Selected Transitional Michigan Fish Decoy Carvers

Press Release from Century Auction Company
September 8, 1999

Gary L. Miller Collection

(the fishing lure porttion) sales report.

Ice Spearing Decoys and Related Paraphernalia -

An Annotated Bibliography


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collection has been on display or on Exhibition


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THE NFLCC Gazette, (September 2002)

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Gary Miller Bulegill

An excerpt from a forthcoming book on Vintage Michigan Fish Decoys by Gary L. Miller.  Those wishing to communicate with the author may E-mail him at

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