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Harley Ragan - Amasa, Michigan




Fish Decoys Net - Carver's Spotlight

April 2009

Fish Decoys Net Carver Spotlight

Harley Ragan of Chassell Michigan is one more example of what is caledl a "Masters of Realism". He has training as an artist, and has worked in other forms of art before discovering fish decoys. Harleys fish are impressive in their highly realistic finish alone. Combine this with awesome swimming ability and you see why he was awarded the title of World Champion this past August (2001) at the Fish Decoy World Championships in Livonia, Michigan. Harley has consistently created high quality award winning fish. Along with these go some equally impressive "user" fish, that see action each spearing season. 

Harley Ragan

41049 N Entry Rd
Chassell, MI 49916

(906) 523-4127

Photos & info courtesy of Doug Davis


Harry Ragan from

Larry Christys Collection





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