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John D. Jones


John Jones is from Adrian, Michigan and was born in 1961.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Hale

John D. Jones. Michigan decoy carver and artist started carving decoys in 2005 after watching a local outdoor magazine TV show which featured a renowned decoy carver from Michigan Tom Christenson. Even though John is an avid hunter and fisherman, he had never heard much about fish decoys. Being from the extreme southern lower peninsula, John never experienced spearing through the ice. Mostly just hook and line fishing and tip ups. He was fascinated, so after a little research on the web John found out that fish decoys were quite popular, and had alot of history. John decided to try and make a few, and to my delight, He actually sold them and that rapidly made him to dive right in to making these practical and beautiful folk art treasures. John became passionate about making decoys. It combines his love of art with his love of woodwork. It doesn't require alot of big power tools. Something John can do sitting on the porch. He have been a carpenter his entire adult life, but was always a practicing artist, doing drawings, paintings, and woodwork. So fish decoys fit right in to everything he likes to do. He has learned alot chatting online with other carvers, and am in a fish decoy carvers group on the web which includes alot of world class carvers. John has found that carvers are very helpful and encouraging. He continue striving to improve. To date (May 2006) John have made and sold over 75 decoys. John is a member of the National Fish Decoy Association, and he hopes to join a couple other organizations this year. John has not entered any competitions, but again he hopes to this year. His decoys are all hand carved and hand brush painted. John describes his decoys as semi-realistic folk art. He does a variety of styles. Most of them are in the 7-8" range, but he has made them anywhere from under 2" to over 14". John said "I really like doing smaller ones in the4 to5" range." John believes he will continue to improve, and hope to make fish decoys for many years. John will try to carry on the carving traditions by teaching his two sons. John's favorite carvers are: Tom Christenson of course, Rich Brooks, Tim Spreck, Aage Bjering, Sonny Molina, and Dale Claus just to name a very few.

John said "Thanks to all who have helped along the way, and thanks to Larry for the opportunity to share my work and Bio. John"

John D. Jones

2985 Gady Rd. #75

Zdrian, Michigan 49221


Some of John's Fish Decoys

Permission to print provided by John Jones.


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