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Mark Greenig

Mark Greenig is a fish and duck decoy carver from Detroit Lakes, Minnsota - he signs with his initials (M.G.)


Mark is also an educator for decoy making at the Detroit Lakes Community Education Center, and hosts shows at Prairie Pubilic Television in Fargo, ND.

He hosts two (2) Fish Decoy videos (that I am aware of):

1) FISH DECOYS - folk art beneath the ice

2) the art of makeing FISH DECOYS



This is free advertisment provide to Mark Greenig on his videos because I have them and I like them and I thank Mark for doing them.

The videos can be purchased at or by calling 1-800-359-6900.

I personnaly have both of his videos and I learned from the making and met other carvers on the folk art beneath the ice, which gave me a good insight in to the thinking of carvers of decoys. You will meet in this video, John Jenson, Duey Johnston, Jay
cEvers, Otis Lael, Bob Johnson, Lawrence Bethel and others.

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