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Chuck Meldrum


Chuck Meldrum is from Fair Haven, Michigan. He uses C.M. and also signs his fish.



7 3/4" Long

permission granted by Norm at eBay ID normsjustfishin
Algonac, Michigan 8/27/06

5.5" Long initials CM on belly

4.5" long initials CM on Belly Dated 00

Call this one Wonder Bread for the paint job. 5.5" long, Initials CM on belly Dated 00

Red/Silver, 5.5 Inches Long, Initials CM on belly

Perch, 6 Inches Long, Initials and Signature on belly Dated 01

Brown/Yellow, 5.5 Inch Long, Signed CM, Dated 94

Permission granted by eBay ID budstewart 9/06
Hoover, AL

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