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Todd Nordquist


Todd Nordquist was born in 1953 and is from Park Rapids, Minnesota.

Todd got started carving fish in the middle 1960's. He was a good friend of Otto Bishop. His folks owned a hardware store  and bought decoys from Pearl Bethel, Cyril Bethel and Chester Buss. Todd knew Ray Thompson and alot of the other carvers in the Park Rapids area. He would visit carvers like Russ , Peterson, Harvey Case  and many others when he was growing up. Todd told me that "I always bought decoys from these makers. I spent Hundreds of hours with Otto Bishop in his carving room."  Some of Todd's decoys in Art Kimballs first book (The Fish Decoy)


Pictures coming soon


Todd Nordquist

801 Riverside Ave.

Park Rapids, Minnesota 56470

Information provided by Tod Nrdquist 4/06

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