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Olga Nims

Olga NIms is from Millington, Michigan and was born in August 1957. Olga is a member of MDAA and her husband owns Nims Enterprises Inc., which is a long time spearmaker.

Olga said that Mike Holmes and Duane Steinkopf were instrumental in showing her how to carve decoys.

I have a couple decoys from her and I truly enjoy her work - she makes both workers and collectables and her workers are collectible.

Click Here to watch a Youtube video of Olga making a decoy


Olga told us that she was born and grew up In Russia and . that she was not familiar with icefishing at all untill 2004. She said "My father was gifted woodcarver and I followed him on his steps I always wanted to work with wood. I try to  make realistic style and working  fish decoys.  I use acrylic  paints and all my work are hand painted with a brush.  I going to learn airbrush technique  too. I use mostly power carving techniques and a burning tool for details. I enjoy spearfishing and like to stay with my husband in our iceshanty (ice house) as long as 5-8 days on the ice."



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Photos and info provided by Olga Nims 1-17-11


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