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Otis Lael  1929 - 2005


Otis Lael hailed from Pine River, Minnesota and carved very whimsical decoys. From what I hear told - Otis would carve from whatever he could find around his workshop. He signs most of his with LAEL on the bottom.  Ever since I got interested in Fish Decoys - I heard about Otis and his unique personality with his decoys.  Otis pass away in late 2005 and he will be sorely missed in the decoy circuit. Otis was a retired Air Force member who took up decoy carving after he retired.

I have several of his frogs. His other decoys are climbing quickly in demand on eBay.

Otis was awarded the Living Legend Award in t 2003.

He also made carvings, ducks, birds, pull toys, santas, and many other imaginative critters.

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In my opinion "a true Folk Artist"

     (Fishcritter-Larry Christy)


Click here to read Otis's Last Prayer and it was read at the 2006 The Gathering Banquet at Perham Minnesota by Darrin Kvam.

You can read more about Otis Lael at his Memorial Site


This is just a small sample of his work.

1/4" long with painted eyed and metal fins. Signed Lael 90 (1990) on bottom.



Photos & information courtesy of John Cook formerly

of Remer, MN - Now living in Missouri

Cowfish Decoy

Copenhagen Fish



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