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Randy Huckeby

Randy was born in 1952 and lives in Barnesville, Minnesota.

Randy started carving in 2001 after watching Mark Greenig's video on how to make a fish decoy. Make all kinds of fish decoys including critter decoys. Also do duck decoys which are usually antiqued. My wife Bonnie assists with the painting of the decoys.

I retired in Feb. 2002 as the chief of police in Barnesville, MN. I failed retirement and have been the chief of police in Browns Valley, MN for the past couple of years. Although I have sold quite a few decoys to individuals & to Sportsmens clubs to use in raffles & fundraisers, I carve decoys mainly to give as gifts to family & friends.

Randy Huckeby

706 6th Ave S. E.

Barnewville, MN 56514


Information submitted by Randy Huckeby


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Video - The Art of Making Fish Decoys - Mark Greenig,  Prairie Public Broadcasting, 800-359-6900,

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