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Richard Klusty               1935 -Present



Richard and his dad work together in a team - Richard carves the blanks and his dad does the painting. The have a unique way of mounting their sliders and frogs. This is done by a hang method on a stand or more commonly a belly plug. They drill a hold in the belly and then the stand has a wire on cut down nail for the pin. The quality of both the carving and paint jobs are excellent as the colors are good choices.


                 Richard Klusty             Son of Richard Klusty

I started wood working with walking sticks and plaques with deer antlers and tomahawks. My son ask me to try Fishing Decoys.It has brought us closer together because he carves also ,but I end up finishing most of his work. We collect almost all of our wood from the woods here in Ohio. I enjoy most of all working with Osage Orange,and Nut Woods> Hickory,Oak ect. If I create a design,the pleasure I get from getting the wood,to finish product is my main goal ! If someone likes it and it sells, well thats just a plus as I see it. On all decoys metal fins are tied into the main weight when possible. All wood fins are glued and pinned.As a personal touch I like to include a stand with my decoys when possible. There are two types I use (Hanging) or (Plug).When diplayed toether these stand add an extra touch to the collection. If theres something you like email me at, or phone # 330-882-3925.

Richard J. Klusty

1232 W. Nimisila Rd

Clinton, OH 44216

Birthdate: 12/30/35

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Bio & Photos submitted by Klusty 01/01/06

Other Carvings by Richard

Richard Klusty Fish Decoy Sliders

Richard Klusty Fish Decoy Sliders

Richard Klusty Fish Decoy Sliders

photos by Larry Christy (c) 2006

Photos by Richard Klusty

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