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Thayne Johnson

Carver, Artist

 January 2009's Fish Decoys Net Carver of the Month

Fish Decoys Net - Carver of the Month - Jan. 2009

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2006 Gathering Winning Lure

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Thayne Johnson is a noted carver of fishing lures and spearing decoys. His interest in Fish Decoy making came out of his love for fishing and his hobby of lure making.  He carved his first fish decoy in 2002. He has been awarded numerous ribbons at various shows and contests.  He is featured on a few collectible decoy prints as well.  He will soon be featured in a Contemporary Lure Carvers book by Jim Brost. His fish decoys are excellent swimmers as he takes extra time and effort to achieve the results he wants. He has speared for the past several years and thoroughly enjoys the sport.

Thayne works as an internet consultant presently and has made additional contributions to the fish decoy world by authoring several websites.

His own website which is as well as NFDA.TV,, and the GLFDA.COM

He is a lifetime member of the National Fish Decoy Association, a member of the Minnesota Darkhouse and Angling Association, and an honorary member of the Great Lakes Fish Decoy Association.

You may contact Mr. Johnson at

C.M. Wiggle Bait Company

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Thayne Johnson

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