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Tom Bailey - Deceased 2007

Artist - Carver

Tom has been carving for over 30 years in Western New York.  He has been teaching for over 39 years in history.  In the summers, when he is not carving, he is the program director for a camp in Wyoming County, NY.  Tom has been carving since age 11 when his dad first taught him. He has carved items as large as totem poles and as small as all sorts of dollhouse things and animals for charm bracelets. He does about 7 shows each year in western NY area, but have also sold carvings in a Maryland show through a friend of his. He also does watercolor painting especially of old barns, tractors and antique cars. He has paintings hanging in London, Malaga, and Spain. He is a very talented and multi-faceted person as he is also an accomplished playwright with 30 plays written and 20 have been produced in NY area.

Many have come to enjoy Tom's vintage fishing lures, paintings and handcrafted Santas and his decoys are filled with the same detail and fine craftsmanship. Tom has been a craftsman in the Western New York area for the past 30 years.  His talents range from paintings to carving to song and play writing.  With each painting or carving, Tom has put a piece of himself in the work.  The joy that he felt while creating his masterpiece he hopes to pass along to those that enjoy his work.  For those that have enjoyed Tom's work and have known that he has been ill, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that he has passed on.   His life was cut much too short and his passing has left a huge hole in the lives of those that he left behind.  (information from Lida Mosovich - bx095.

I have collected Tom's work over the past several years and I truely enjoy the love that he put in each piece. Tom will be missed by many.

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Tom Bailey (Deceased 2007)

Lida Mosovich

650 Mount Vernon Rd.

Buffalo, NY 14215


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