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Thomas'Tom' Largy Breen

(73) 1938-2011


Tom Breen was born in 1938 and as of March 2010 is still kickin around but now using a cane/walker to get around. He does a multitude of carvings from decoys, signs and indian items.  He signs his stuff and with his signs he does a little extra on the backs (see photos) You might see him at the Brimfield Antique shows. Tom has moved from Greenvile NH and he now lives in Keene New Hampshire. 

(11/08) I spoke via email with Tom to see how he was doing and as always he a a nice reply about life and this time was no different, so here was today's reply from Old Tom - "I'm the guy who made everything, but a living."

Thomas L. Breen's Obit


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Tom's signs range from 8 inches to over 5 feet and maybe more that I am not aware of. He hand routes the letters with a 1/4" bit and the signs are semi-carved and nicely painted. The variety that Tom brings to the one-of-a-kind folk art signs with his decoy carving style brings many back to our childhood where signs were handmade and not machine made. Tom's signs always brings a smile to my face and a wonder where in the world does he keep coming up with the ideas. Keep the folkart coming Tom - Your fan from the fish decoy net - fishcritter.

Larry Christy's Collection


Tom Breen Iron Works

He would always sign his works

(space permitting)

Indian Sticks and Fish Stick by Old Tom
given to me as a gift - Thanks Tom

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February 5, 2012

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