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Tom Christenson was born in 1962 in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Tom wrote to me and said he started decoy carving due to an back injury while he was a builder. He visited eBay and saw some decoys and said that he could do that and he did. He gave it his best and three years later he won the World Championship, which has helped him sell even more decoys.

In March 2001, I began carving decoys and lures, Locally I would not be able to consider carving for a living seriously, that's where Ebay came in......with all the collectors looking in this one spot i could seriously consider selling my art to pay the bills, but there still was one thing i needed to accomplish, I noticed that collectors seemed to favor carvers who had won awards, and so my strategy was born, make real nice stuff and win lots of awards, I take my customers hard earned money spent on my work very seriously and set out to prove it. In September 2003 I Won the Great Lakes Fish Decoy Associations annual competition and was named The 2003 World Champion,

I have been very fortunate and incredibly blessed to have done so well with competitions and with collector interest since my carving business was born. Because of my love of old vintage lures and the boxes they were sold in I recently designed and had my own line of boxes made to give my smaller decoys and lifelike lures that finishing touch. I also have dabbled in pottery and life size wildlife carving, almost all of my art is in some way connected to wildlife and nature, mainly because of my adoration of Gods creativity and as a man that loves my creator, I would be foolish to not give credit to my father in heaven for all the ways He has blessed me, thanks to him and to you for your interest in my work and your business!

Tom uses mainly basswood to make his decoy bodies and fins from consumable aluminum and always uses glass eyes.  Realism, detail and jointed  gives many of his decoys lifelike movement. Tom signs the bottom of his decoys and dates them also.


Telephone 989-826-3399

Excerpt taken from Tom Christenson site and letter from Tom dated 9/11/07


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