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White Fish Open Decoys

The Greater Whitefish Open is a Fish Spearing Contest located at the Whitefish Chain of Lakes, 20 Miles North of Brainerd, Minnesota.

In order to participate in the Open, 1 you must be a decoy maker and the participant must submit one of their working decoys to put in a pool that will be by lottery out to other participants. The owner of the fish decoy used to spear the largest Northern wins. 

For more information call Tim Spreck at 651-439-1110, bob Johnson at 218-829-6446 or Kirk Schnitker at 763-252-0114 (day) or 763-493-4336 (home).

Click here for the Official Contest Rules and past winners

Photos & information courtesy of Tim Spreck at Fish Decoy. Net

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2006  1st Place Winner (Pike) Thayne Johnson

2006 Whitefish Division  (Whitefish) David Beighley - T.O.G.


LODGING - Fellow decoy carver and collector Larry Hochmeyer owns the hideaway resort on Upper Hay Lake. The phone number is 218-568-4249. It is only a couple of miles from the action. He has cabins available for $125.00 per night with five beds. Booking a cabin with some of the other carvers will make this an affordable place to stay. If you do not have contact with other carvers, please call for assistance.

For further information call call:Tim Spreck at 651-439-1110, Bob Johnson at 218-829-6446 or Kirk Schnitker at 763-252-0114 (day) or 763-493-4336 (home).

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Thanks to the carvers who participate to continue to keep the decoy carving and sport alive.

Many thanks to Tim Spreck for maintaining the largest fish decoy collector's website in the world.

Tim Spreck can be reached at



P.O. Box 462

Stillwater, MN, 55082

Telephone: 651-439-1110



Photos & Information courtesy of Tim Spreck and NFDA's website (Thanks to the webmaster of NFDA's website is Thayne Johnson for his support on the NFDA's website to include the Whitefish Open.)

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