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Robert W. Cameron


Ron Cameron was born in 1952 an is from Henning, Minnesota and he carves both fish decoys as well as jigging sticks.

Robert wrote on how he got started - he stated "One day I decided to see if I could carve a fish, and it turned out pretty darn good. I had never done any kind of carving before. Then I experimented with the internal weighting and fins to make it swim properly, and I had myself my first decoy which was a perch.

I've never had a mentor or anyone that helped me get started, but have asked a few questions when looking around at the carvings at decoy shows.

I don't know if anything is particularly unique about my works other than the fact that I try to make each and every decoy unique and not "cookie cutter" production stuff. I also create jigging sticks, fish handle ice fishing rods and wall decorations. My "mini" fish (under3") and my catfish seem particularly popular.

Most of my fish are painted using airbrush or regular paint brush."

I personally have severeal of Roberts Fish in my collection and they are good as he says and I always look forward to seeing what new in his carving. (Fish Critter)


Robert William Cameron

PO Box 137

Henning, MN 56551



Photos & information courtesy of Robert Cameron 3/4/06

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