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Commercial Fish Decoys identification and Value Guide by Frank R. Baron

ISBN: 0574322672

240 Pages

Copyright 2002

Although collecting spear fishing decoys is a relatively new hobby, it is rapidly gaining popularity. A number of reference books have been written on vintage and folk art spear fishing decoys, but this book is the first to focus on commercially made spear fishing decoys and related tools. Over 350 color photographs of commercial decoys from both major and minor manufacturers fill the book. Decoys from more than 100 companies in both the United States and Canada, where spear fishing is most popular, along with vintage ads and photographs of the decoy makers are pictured. As one of the founders of the Great Lakes Fish Decoy Association and chairman of the Fish Decoy Division of the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club, author Frank R. Baron has gathered years of collecting experience and history in this book. His pioneering book will help preserve the history of decoys.



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