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Fish Painting by Anthony Hillman


A Guide for Carvers and Artists FRESH and SALT-WATER GAMEFISH by Anthony Hillman

A full color painting book with step-by-step instructions for 17 species. Included, are both fresh and salt-water species. Another 15 species are shown in full-color profile, with paint list. An added feature is that eye color and painting instructions are provided for 35 species! Simple Step-By-Step Instructions For 17 Species of Fresh & Salt Water Game Fish in Full Color.

Blue Marlin Brown Trout Nothern Weakfish Striped Bass
Bluefin Tuna Dolphin Rainbow Trout Summer Founder
Bluegill Sunfish Large-Mouth Bass Sailfish Swordfish
Brook Trout Northern Pike Spotted Seatrout Walleye
      Yellow Perch

PLUS! A full color profile with a paint list for an additional 15 species.



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