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Ice Fishing Spears

by Marcel Salive

The first book describing the fine points of ice fishing spears and displaying examples of the great wrot iron and homemade spears in collections from MI, MN, WI, New England and Canada! Photographs illustrate the diversity and beauty of both wrought iron and homemade spears. Four hundred and sixty photographs of spears and their detail are given in this 312 page book, including 56 pages in color. This book is a good read and a wonderful reference for collectors and all of those who admire ice fishing spears. About the author: Marcel Salive grew up in Michigan as an all around sportsman. Marcel has a Ph.D in Physical Metallurgy from the University of Michigan. He has retired after 32 years working as a metallurgist for the US Navy at theDavid Taylor Research Center. His last task was conducting research to develop methods to strengthen ship structures against anti-ship missile damage. Prior to that he worked for many years as a consultant to structural and design engineers providing advice on materials selection, heat treating, shaping, welding, protective coatings and failure analysis. He provided advice on building equipment and structures ranging from supersonic wind tunnel models to deep diving oceanographic submarine pressure hulls. Marcel is lifelong collector of ice fishing spears . This book is a must fro anyone who collects, fabricates or uses ice fishing spears. This book was published by the author in 1993. This is the first (and only) printing. 1000 copies were made.

Information provided by Dick Capek of Darkhouse Spearing Supply in Cedar Springs Michigan - See his website at

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