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Ronald Deiss - Collection of Articles

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Ron has provided several of the best articles I have read about fish decoys - please review - enjoy and let him know what you think.



Ice Spear Fishing and Fish Decoys (1/2005)


Setting, Prehistory, and History of Ice Spear Fishing (2006)


Spearing Fish Through the Ice (Jan-Feb 2006)

A Brief History of Ice Spear Fishing on the Fox River and its Tributaries in East Central Wisconsin (May 18 2006)

A full CD of information on Ice Spear Fishing - Focusing on the Upper Mississippi La Crosse Reach - (Jan 2005 - Revised Oct. 5, 2005) (Note this will be provided as a download only as it is over 35MB in size - if you have a dial-up you will need to request a copy from Ron from email above)

This CD covers Ice Spear Fishing Abstract, Basics, Background, Regulations, La Crosse Reach, Conclusion, References, Fish Species & Decoys.

The Fish Species & Decoys section has a very nice feature that if you click on the specie - you will see both the speicie and a area fish decoy that represents the specie.

Every page you view on your computer is jam packed with great information.


You can contact Ron at:

Ron Deiss, CEMVR-PM-A

Rock Island District Corps of Engineers

P.O. Box 2004

Clock Tower Building

Rock Island, Illinois 61204-2004

WK   309-794-5185

FAX  309-794-5157



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