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Makers are in Alphabetical Order by Last Name

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Black, Ray - Newinton, Conn.                                                                                                                    

Baldwin, M. Wayne - of The Old Coot's Place -  Kenton, Ohio             

Baird, Jeff - Cass Lake, MN                                      

Bedell, Thomas - Freeport - Long Island, New York

Betts, Milton - Grand Ripids, Minnesota

Bihlmeyer, Rich - Durham, Connecticut

Bousch, Billy - Wisconsin

Buchanan, J. - Minnesota

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       Carlson, Gus - Cadillac, Michigan (1874-1951)

       Culley, J.J. - Onaway, Michigan


Davis, Dekes - Michigan

Den Bossche, Dan Van - Mt. Clemens, Michigan

Dever, J. - Cadillac, Michigan

Dillo Spear (The Dillo Lee J. Moening St Cloud) - Minnesota

Double Diamond Spears - Mark & Harland Wilkens -  Plato, MN

       Drew, C. - Plymouth, Mass.

       Drexler, Fred - Minnesota (Circa late 1800's - or early 1900's)

       Dever, J. - Cadillac, Michigan

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Eck, Robert - Plantation, Florida


       Fabeck Spears - Michael D. Fabeck - Melrose, Minnesota       

       Fairbanks, Eugene - Holland Michigan

       Fordham, H.D. - Long Island, New York

       Fordham, J.W. - Long Island, New York

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       Goodeyne Mfg. Company- Bay City, Michigan

       Gustis, Louis A. - Brainerd Minnesota (1887-1974)


Havens, Scott B. - Absarokee, Montana 406-328-4311

Havens, Warren - Absarokee, Montana 702-286-4011

Holmes, Mike - Michigan

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       Infinite Machine, Inc - Absarokee, Montana - Scott B & Warren Havens


       Janner, Hans, Sr. - Mt. Clemens, Michigan

       Jahr, William (pronounced Yar) - Sebewaing, Michigan


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       Kraemer, Jeremy - Melrose, Minnesota (

       Krause, Sherwood H. - Muskegon, Michigan



       Landon, Oral - Akron, Michigan

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Maple Ridge Sports - Clearbrook, Minnesota  218-358-0411

Marbles Arms Gaffs

Mierzwa, Tim - Michigan

Moening, Lee - Michigan (Dillo Spear) (Dillo Lee J. Moening St Cloud) - Minnesota

McEvers, Jay - Underwood Minnesota


       Neely Spear Manufacturing Company - Grand Blank, Michigan       

       Nelson, Abe - Michigan

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Pawlak, Dave - Michigan

Petersen, Gary - Michigan

       Pflueger Sporting Goods Manuf. Company - Akron Ohio

       Pomeroy, Ralph - Wisner, Michigan

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       Randall Company, The - Willmar, Minnesota       

       Richards, TC - Cadillac MI 231-775-5047

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Soler, Paule - Central Minnesota

St Cloud (Dillo Lee J Moening St Cloud) - Minnesota

Salve, Marcel - LaCrosse, Wisconsin (Made spears circa 1900)


      Takvam, Jake - Babbit Minnesota (Iron range of Minnesota area)

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        Westendorf, Fred J. - Zilwaukee, Michigan  

        Wilkens, Harlan - Norwood-Young America, MN 1-952-467-3153 - Double Diamond Spears

        Wilkens, Mark - Double Diamon Spears - Plato, MN  320-238-2330




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       Zitzloff, Paul - Minnesota

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Carvers are in Alphabetical Order by Last Name

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #



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